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Crystal Shade: Angeni

There are three types of angel stories in the world; the religious, the mainstream, the Crystal Shade. Discover Crystal Shade, the world's only Auralight Fantasy*. Until 2014, it was available on 6 continents, in 65 countries, via 200+ territorial retailers (Since May 21, 2014 the series been temporary unpublished all over the planet.).

Crystal Shade tells the tale of Grace, a young daydreamer who wants to be a guardian angel with all of its nobility, but, in typical child-like fashion she does not consider the downside. The story follows the dream of this little girl to become a guardian who lives so that others might live, so she can learn the truth behind the legendary mythological event of the Crystal Shade, which everyone respects and fears. But as her desire gradually comes true, she is faced with the reality that sometimes the sweetest dream is actually a nightmare waiting to unfold.

*Auralight Fantasy (a.k.a. AuraFantasy or Auralight) is a new variation and mix of many genres. While it contains many Epic Fantasy, Young Adult, and close-to-Science-Fiction, close-to-Steampunk mechanical and / or fantastical elements, such as aura-powered flying and other machines and weapons, or a strange world with a blue sun, it also includes biological-fantastical elements, such as aura beings with superpowers, living in different spirit realms of an otherworldly ancient society with an atmosphere not just felt, but seen as emanating from person, places and other living and non-living things. The term "Auralight Fantasy" was coined to reflect the more overtly fantastical tones of Crystal Shade. While angels and demons play key roles, the series tries to present these mythical and mysterious creatures in a fresh way and to make their characterization less rigid. Because angels, demons, spirits and other religious creatures can sometimes alienate readers, I present them in such a way that everyone can read and enjoy them, regardless of their age, gender, origin or beliefs.

Crystal Shade: Episodes

Crystal Shade: Episodes is the episodic release of the Auralight Fantasy series, Crystal Shade: Angeni. It was created with the intention of leading new readers into this beautiful world via its unique episodic storytelling and lower price. If you already own Crystal Shade: Angeni, DO NOT buy Crystal Shade: Episodes.

Prelude Books

Description coming soon!

About the Author

Istvan Szabo, Ifj.


Award winning author, director and graphic artist Istvan Szabo, Ifj. was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1981. Istvan penned his first short stories, the science fiction story, City on the Rings of Saturn, as well as the historical fiction for a literature competition, entitled One Day in the Legion in Elementary School. But he discovered a true love for writing in high school, enrolling in advanced Hungarian and English classes and submitting short stories to various writing competitions, and magazines, as well as self-publishing his works in his school to entertain his classmates. The military thriller short story series, Revenge, a story similar to the movie Toy Soldiers, was a school-wide success. After high school, Istvan attended Information Technology and Technical College, while he also applied to the Marine Military Academy (he always wanted to be a military fighter pilot, and he received his first pilot training at the age of 14.) and Georgetown Law School (he was an avid fan of JAG. :) ). After college he then spent the next few years trying other jobs and careers, including marketing manager, graphic artist and web designer. But he also spent a short time as an insurance agent, movie ticket taker and working in a souvenir-store. He admits that these last two jobs were his favorite and most relaxing non-freelance jobs he ever had, because of the good company, and the free movies, popcorn and souvenirs. Summer jobs, a.k.a. the best days of a different life. :) In 1999, Istvan wrote his first screenplay, the sci-fi drama Mercurion, which was requested by many U.S. agencies, but unfortunately the story never went into production. From 2002 to 2004, he wrote the two hour long pilot and twenty additional episodes for a new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Beyond Frontiers. Star Trek: Beyond Frontiers set 10 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, describing the journey of the U.S.S. Concordia (NX-92337). They’re on a mission to find answers for the deadly events revolving around their own sister ship, the U.S.S. Olympia and Section 31, a civil war taking place inside the Federation, and a mysterious phenomenon even the Borg is afraid of. But the story never went beyond the pitching phase, as Paramount already planned to cancel the Star Trek franchise with Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2003 Istvan wrote a page long short story, called Crystal Shade, which in 2005 became a nine episode long TV mini-series project. This later became the foundation of the Auralight Fantasy book franchise, Crystal Shade: Angeni, which outlines the prelude story of the screenplays. However, due to various circumstances, and to avoid any spoilers, the details of the development and pitching of the Crystal Shade TV mini-series are still classified. However in 2008 one part of the development visited the U.S. Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office. In 2004, a Hungarian based game-development studio, along with one based out of Paris, France, took notice of Istvan. The two companies entrusted him to complete a story for their newest video game. Reviewers and newspapers praised the story itself, however Istvan is not proud of this work, mostly because the story development wasn’t in his hands and the end product was far from the idea and screenplays he initially wrote and pitched. But he received various credits for this project, including designer, sound-editor, tester, manual writer, and translator. Later in 2005, shortly before Istvan started to write the Crystal Shade TV Mini-Series, a Hollywood screenwriter by the name of David Freeman was so impressed with Istvan’s abilities that he invited him to London as his guest. Mr. Freeman shared some insights with Istvan about the art of screenwriting. Before he turned freelancer, Istvan made one additional game and one additional design project with the studio where he was also credited a few more times in various fields. In 2007, Istvan produced his first short movie 15 Minutes of Fame in which he was the screenwriter, director and storyboard artist. 15 Minutes of Fame won 3rd Place at the UPC-AXN Film Festival 2007, and was the personal favorite of the audience, the critics and Hollywood producer and jury member Andrew Vajna, the producer of Terminator, Total Recall, Die Hard and other great movies. In 2009, Istvan turned his old screenplays Mercurion and Star Trek: Beyond Frontiers into a new ten episode long sci-fi thriller series, called as Nightfall. While this sci-fi story also was requested by various movie studios, due to various circumstances this story also had the fate of Crystal Shade. The book adaptation of the world's only Darklight Science Fiction, Nightfall is scheduled for 2014 / 15.

Between 2009 and 2011, Istvan wrote Crystal Shade: Angeni, the world’s only Auralight Fantasy. Volume 1 was released on November 11, 2011, 11:11GMT, and since that time, until 2014, the book was available on 6 continents, in 65 countries and 200+ territorial and regional retailers. While the book is not a fast and easy mainstream read, it has received positive reviews, with critics calling it a “beautiful and elegant writing, a unique fantasy world with a storyline you won’t feel you have anything to compare it to.” The introductory book, Crystal Shade: Introduction, which presents the development in the words of the author, was released in 2013. The sequels of Crystal Shade, Afterlight and Volume 2 are scheduled for 2014. In 2011 and 2012, Istvan also released two of his short stories in his 7 Post Meridiem series. The noir detective novelette, Pale Moonlight and the extra short noir sci-fi drama, Anno Humanae Salutis, received positive reviews. Anno Humanae Salutis also made it to the Amazon best seller list on February 25, 2012, five days after its release. The next short stories in the 7 Post Meridiem series, the noir detective novelette, The New York Homicide, and the noir sci-fi short story, Deus Ex are scheduled for 2014 / 15.

Istvan loves to create new worlds, and expand his brands toward additional marketing areas. As a professional artist, he also loves to make all the graphic sketches of the characters, weapons, items and worlds he created. He has also has created illustrations, character art, short CGI animations and marketing materials for various projects, such as foreign movie projects Descent (Australia), Brandish (United States) and for the independent movie studio Syzygy (United States, credited for 65 episodes), as well as for his own works, Crystal Shade, 7 Post Meridiem, Nightfall and Project Nephthys. Istvan is also the owner of Sapphire Guardian Publishing and Distribution and its renowned subsidiary, Sapphire Guardian Formatting and Conversion Services, and he and his skilled team has worked on dozens of books for both independent authors and professional publishers.

The Birthplace of Crystal Shade

Angeni's Corner

Grace Sessa Aredia


When I first arrived on my beloved home world, Eecrys Aredia, when I was born, a little blue star raced across the sky above my family’s land in Seradelphia, in the province of Odess’iana. It was the day when the guardian of our planet, our beautiful sapphire sun, Sachylia was the brightest in the sky. That is how I earned my name, Grace Sessa Aredia, ‘the graceful bright guardian’. Vivid dreams and imaginings filled the first years of my life. The adventures of a daydreamer who desired large white wings and wished to become a guardian angel. I pictured myself protecting and guiding my people, as told in legends beyond memory and repeated in my favorite fairy tale, prepared to bravely face the mythical event, the Crystal Shade.

Crystal Shade: Angeni is about the beginning of my life, where the great daydreamer (a.k.a. humble me), believed in my dreams, believed I could reach the unreachable and understand the unknowable. It’s about the great revelations of a little angelic woman who lived and saw so many things, but I needed to realize life is not just about mindless actions and instant adventures, as many believe when a story must be told. Sometimes a world, its culture and its past must be known, its story and its secrets must be learned and revealed to understand, especially where everything has a beginning and an end and foremost: where nothing and no one is what they appear to be.

But, I won’t tell you who I am here, who or what is an Angeni soul, what my life or my little, but beautiful world is all about, or what the Crystal Shade really is. My memoire, Crystal Shade: Angeni (written by the little man who was introduced earlier) will tell everything instead of me and my dreams; dreams which were born while the stars watched over me, as if they were my personal silent guardians. They always watched me, just as I always watched them every night. Maybe in the past all of us were once a star, who gave dreams to other daydreamers, like me. Maybe I was also a star in the dark, peaceful silent sea; one little star amongst my thousands of celestial brothers and sisters, a daydreaming star who had fallen asleep and fell to my paradise, Eecrys Aredia to become a real daydreamer, to dream like every other soul. Maybe I was that little blue star that my mother and father always talked about. Maybe. But one part of my soul has always dreamt to return to the stars; and I know one day I will.

In this angelic corner you will find a few of my drawing attempts and other things that I, humble me and my wings are really proud of.

Best regards,

My Arts

The Life of My Memoire

My Real Life Certificates


Book Reviews

Crystal Shade: Introduction

"Crystal Shade: Introduction has some beautiful artwork that takes care of the visual appeal of the book. The mysterious and mythical characters in the story are brought to life with some illustrations at the beginning of the chapters. Though the book comes across as a fantasy, there is a lot of depth and the introduction to the world of Auralight Fantasy series is done profoundly. The book also has a personal message from the author. Once this book is read, you will be motivated to read the rest of the series. The serious and lighter moments in life and how they work in tandem with each other is expressed well in this book." - Reader's Favorite / Barnes and Noble Review

"Life is nothing more than a series of profound and mundane moments intertwining in concentric circles in the sea of life. What is profound to one is mundane to another and vice versa. Reading “Crystal Shade: Introduction” released me from a mundane moment and elevated to me to a profound one. Although this e-book was created as a promotional tool to introduce the reader to the Auralight Fantasy Series Crystal Shade, it is a work of art in itself." - Janus Gangi, Smashwords Review

"All writers have a personal philosophy that colors the way they write and Crystal Shade: Introduction presenting the philosophy behind the development of a detailed, new fantasy world. It helps to clarify what the author do or intend to do with his series, justify or explain why and what he does in a logical, systematic manner to give life to a world he imagined. This book tells the story of how Crystal Shade came to be, and it tells well." - Chris, Barnes and Noble Review

Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 1 / Crystal Shade: Episodes #1-3

"The few and faint shortcomings were greatly overshadowed by the writers skill and the originality of the story. One of the few books I've read where you won't feel you have anything to compare it to." - Barnes and Noble Review

“Reading Crystal Shade was both an adventure into a complex world of angels and a thoughtful beautifully written work of art. Seldom do I find a young adult novel with both a good story which will capture the hearts of its readers presented with language that will challenge and entrance the reader. This author has done both. In fact I was so captivated by the story I read it three times.” - Karen Doering, Parent’s Little Black Book / Amazon US Review

“I just can't get over how beautiful the language is in this book, it sets the tone of this otherworldly society so well. It's familiar and yet foreign. That right there takes a great deal of talent. The imagery that's described is just breathtaking. I was a bit worried it would put a lot of religious aspects out there. I was very wrong, and should have jumped on this as soon as I got it.” - Kana, Goodreads Review

"This book is a change from everything I've read recently. The story itself unfolds more gently, the action moving at a slower pace most of the time. The writing is beautiful. Elegant, even." - Rebecca McKinnon, The Crooked Word / Goodreads Review

"Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 1 is beautifully written with detailed descriptions of both the people and the world they inhabit. An intriguing and complex fantasy novel which will leave you breathlessly anticipating the next Volume." - Star, Bibliophilic Book Blog / Amazon US Review

"A detailed, descriptive and imaginative fantasy story." - Krista Burnbright, Cubicle Blindness / Amazon US Review

"The concept is not like anything I have read before which is very refreshing these days! Crystal Shade is beautifully written with an almost historical feel to the book. The writing style is, in my opinion, more complex than other YA writers I have read." - Amy, Following the Reader

“This was such an interesting story concept for me, I remember when I received the book for review, and I remember thinking to myself how is a story being told by a seven year old going to work. I mean even in the YA genre seven is a little young, I wondered if I was going to be able to identify with the character, and for me as a reader I need to be able to identify with the characters in the book. But the book is really so much more than I thought it was going to be.” - Kathryn S. Steves, UFR Reviews / Amazon U.S. Review

“I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of the novel; storytelling fascinates me, and I like it when is shows up in novels. I assume that for the high fantasy genre, this is a solid novel. I think that people who like high fantasy more than I do and who have more experience with the genre than I do will really enjoy The Crystal Shade.” - Kelly Brocklehurst, The Bookscape Report

"I read it in one sitting… a long sitting, but a sitting in nonetheless. I was captivated with the world described and the complexity of the storyline. There are times when it’s not fast moving but I think this is a novel in which the reader gets lost so let it forever, I say. I think all ages will enjoy this entrancing narrative with beautiful settings and age appropriate dialogue. I would give this novel to my 10 year old to read.” - T. Devhirst, Amazon U.S. Review

“I give the book 5 stars for great story writing, a well thought out plot, interesting characters and place descriptions without being wordy.” - Disbeth, Amazon U.S. Review

"Crystal Shade is possibly the most unique fantasy stories in the last ten-twenty years. It is not a copy cat of Song of Ice and Fire or The Lord of the Rings. It is Crystal Shade, a unique angel story which is not a religious propaganda, but a very strange mix of many genres and very unique fantasy tale for everyone. After so many fantasy stories it was refreshing to experience something completely different." - Robin Sullivan, Goodreads Review"

"Beautifully written elegant and enchanting read." - Aurorae Cossano, Goodreads Review

"This is not your everyday Fantasy novel." - Smashwords Review

Crystal Shade: Afterlight

Book not yet released!

Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 2 / Crystal Shade: Episodes #4-6

Book not yet released!

Crystal Shade: Afternight

Book not yet released!

Crystal Shade: Angeni, Volume 3 / Crystal Shade: Episodes #7-9

Book not yet released!

Arts and Concepts

Crystal Shade arts and concept designs created by Istvan Szabo, Ifj.



Additional arts and concepts coming soon!

Book Trailers

Trailers and teasers coming soon!

Music Corner

These music tracks are intends to present the various atmosphere of Crystal Shade. Additional tracks coming soon!

All music tracks licensed to Crystal Shade. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Where to Purchase?

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that Crystal Shade: Angeni and its episodic release, Crystal Shade: Episodes is not a fast and easy mainstream read. You can't quickly skim through and read it in one night, but you have to absorb the words and create the fantasy in your mind. Therefore, if you don't like slower-paced books or non-mainstream storylines, please read the excerpt before making any purchase.


‘CRYSTAL SHADE’, ‘ANGENI’, the Crystal Shade logo, the Angeni logo, characters, names, arts, designs, and related indincia are created by and copyright © István Szabó, Ifj. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce the book and arts or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. No part of any publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author. For further information regarding permissions, including publishing and translation permissions, please write an enquiry to the author.