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Sapphire Guardian Formatting and Conversion Services provides professional digital book, paperback and hardcover layout formatting and file format conversion services of high quality. I welcome fiction, from short stories to novels, and non-fiction books, by both established and new writers. For details about Sapphire Guardian Formatting and Conversion Services and how I might work with you, please review this site for further details.

About Me

I’m István Szabó, Ifj., an award winning writer / director and graphic artist, author of the Auralight Fantasy book series Crystal Shade, which is available on 6 continents, in 65 countries and via ~250 retailers, and the short story series 7 Post Meridiem. With years of experience in document and book formatting and design, I offer formatting and conversion services, and other extended services for publishers or authors publishing through Amazon KDP, Amazon Createspace, Smashwords, Kobo WL, Lulu, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Gardners, E-Sentral, XinXii, Scribd, DriveThruFiction and other online retailers.

If you choose to go with my services, you will have a beautifully formatted book that will look and work the way an EBook and Printed Book should. I would be happy to email you examples of each format before you hire me in order for you to see my work. Just drop me an email to or fill the Website's contact form and request it. Feel free to contact me with questions or custom quotes also.

I would love to hear from you and work with you on your next book project!

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To read my full biography, please visit Crystal Shade's About the Author section.

Sapphire Guardian FCS is a legal subsidiary of my book franchise, Crystal Shade's Offical Website,


General Services

- Beautiful formatting with attention to detail.

- Make new chapters start on new pages.

- Remove any paragraph-starting tab characters, multiple spaces and extraneous line-breaking.

- hyphens replacing with appropriate formatting.

- Format chapter headings appropriately.

- Remove any extraneous line-breaking hyphens from the original formatting.

- 100% Guaranteed to pass the AutoVetter (This is a 100% guarantee – if the file doesn’t pass the AutoVetter, you send it back, and I fix it for free.).

- Perfectly formatted file for upload to Smashwords Premium Distribution (if appropriate).

- Linked Table of Contents and other links (if appropriate, front of book, back of book, or both) to the author's website and to other published books in the author’s retailer stores

- embedded copy of your book cover (Kindle, EPub and PDF).

- Add "front matter"—separate title page, copyright page, etc.

- Convert all em-dashes (—), en-dashes (–) and ellipses (…) to the correct symbol codes.

- Professional formatting of 6x9 paperback / hardcover headings, images and even poetry.

Formatting an EBook and / or a Paperback / Hardcover takes up to three days (Usually less, ~24-48h). It is absolutely possible that the task will be completed ahead of time, but in order to have some time in case of emergencies or difficulties, I set longer time frames than anticipated.

Please be advised that I do not act or operate as a publisher or a distributor (Only for some preferred clients). Once I format the files and return them to the author, the author is responsible for publishing their ebooks through the avenue of distribution they choose. All manuscripts sent for formatting should be finished, proofread, edited and ready for publication. Please make sure that your book is the best that it can be before publishing. If you spot a last-minute typo before publication, I will happily provide a single file correction and rebuild for all formats free of charge with up to a dozen changes. Further rebuilds will be charged at $11 per hour.

I accept PayPal payments only. No upfront. You have to pay after everything is done and you're satisfied with the final product. At the end of the project you will receive all necessary files and finalized EBooks, Paperback and / or Hardcover files, along with the new masterfiles (Front Cover, Spine and Back Cover PSD masterfiles excluded).

Extended Services

To learn more about the Extended Services, please visit the Extended Service Fees, in the Service Fees section. Some Extended Services are available for my preferred clients only.

Suggested Formats

RetailerSuggested Formats
Amazon Kindle Direct PublishingKindle
Amazon Createspace 6x9 Paperback6x9 Doc
SmashwordsEPub / Doc
Kobo Writing LifeEPub / Doc
Lulu Press Inc.EPub / Doc
Lulu Press Inc. 6x9 Paperback & Hardcover6x9 Doc
Google PlayEPub / PDF
Apple iTunesEPub
Gardners BooksEPub / PDF
Xentral Methods E-SentralEPub
DriveThruFictionKindle / EPub / PDF
GoodreadsEPub / PDF
Additional RetailersEPub

Service Fees

Basic Service Fees

Word CountOne FormatTwo FormatsThree FormatsPaperback & Hardcover 6x9
Less than 10k$11$22$13$25$15$28--

You’ll receive custom formatting of EBook, Paperback and Hardcover from any manuscript provided (.doc, .docx, .rtf files only). Available EBook formats: Kindle, EPub, PDF. For every EPub file you'll also get a formatted Doc file for free.

The standard prices quoted above include up to three images. This would be the cover and two additional images (For example, the cover thumbnails of others books you have written). If you buy one or two formats innitially, but later decide you want one or more additional formats, you only pay the difference in price. All prices are in USD.

Note: These offers do not include pictures books and image-heavy projects, which require more complex formatting. The Paperback and Hardcover 6x9 formatting is for manuscripts only - I do make covers for my preferred clients only, however I do make professional cover extension (Spine and Backcover) and front cover enhancement and modification. For more info, please see the Extended Service Fees below. Additional fees may apply if a manuscript clean-up is required prior to the actual formatting process.

Extended Service Fees

Extended ServiceService Fee
6x9 Spine and Back Cover Design$30
Front Cover Enhancing and / or Modification$10
Priority Express Formatting$25
Distribution Guidance and Consultation$25
PDF Excerpt (For Goodreads, Lulu, Gardners, E-Sentral, DriveThruFiction)$10
XLS Setup (Gardners Only)$5
Front Cover DesignFor preferred clients only
Extended Distribution Guidance and ConsultationFor preferred clients only
Arts & IllustrationsFor preferred clients only
ISBNFor preferred clients only
Non-Latin text formatting (Kanji, Hirigana, Katanaka, Hindu-Arabic, etc, etc...)Please request quote
Professional Author and / or Book Website DesignPlease request quote

Additional Extended Services Coming Soon!


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